Evaluating your cold storage needs - selecting the suitable solution

Cold room in professional kitchen

Every decision we make comes with multiple factors to consider in order to achieve a practical solution. That includes evaluating your cold storage needs—but we at Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions can offer advice so that the right decision for you today is also the right one to take you into the future.

Cold room considerations start with the environment and location, says Jim Whelan, Director, International Business Unit at Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions.

For instance, will the store be located inside or out? Placing the cold room outside the building is a great option if indoor space is limited. Location also affects ambient temperature, thermal conductivity and the level of insulation required for the walls, Jim Whelan says. High-risk food areas, where hygiene is critical, will require cold storage with more sophisticated sealings to eliminate contamination and maintain a sterile state, he says. Viessmann cold rooms have an overlapping profile between walls in order to avoid silicone usage, Jim Whelan continues.

A properly sealed unit is important for eliminating contamination by bacteria, vermin and other sources—and not all cold storage suppliers are as conscious of health and safety, Jim Whelan warns.

Jim Whelan

Cleanliness is another factor to consider.

Look for stores that offer antimicrobial wipe-down surfaces. Floors are important, not only for providing a fully sealed, hygienic environment but also because of the risk of slipping. Check for non-slip pressed surfaces that will keep the team safe when the food service or production is operating at full capacity, Jim Whelan says.

The last consideration when selecting cold storage is installation.

Cold stores, by their nature, are large, bulky boxes, yet they often have to fit into small areas, Jim Whelan says. But their installation need not be tricky; a modular system, built up and sealed on site, can be a perfect solution for small spaces.

We like to think of cold rooms as Lego – they can be built up to bespoke customer requirements. If they need to be extended in future, or even dismantled and moved, this is possible, he concludes.

Let us help you select the suitable solution!