Meiser Design Hotel, Dinkelsbühl, Germany

Meiser Hotels select the Viessmann refrigeration solutions for all of their establishments

The Meiser Hotels represent gastronomical excellence in the middle of South Germany. The family business includes a wellness hotel, an event center, a café, and since 2019 their biggest project yet: the Meiser Design Hotel in Dinkelsbühl with 150 rooms. Based on their previous positive experiences with Viessmann products, Meiser Hotels decided to select Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions to supply the cold and freezer room system for this project as well.

As the Junior Manager of the Meiser Design Hotel, Calvin Meiser is also responsible for the company’s marketing activities and strategies. The family has been the been leading the family business for six generations, since 1880. Refrigeration specialist company Helmut Veeh GmbH was appointed to plan and assemble the cold rooms from Viessmann. Altogether seven cold rooms and two freezer rooms were installed in the kitchen of the Meiser Design Hotel.

For such a large food service company as Meiser Hotels, it is essential to work with a reliable partner and use high quality products from one supplier for their refrigeration systems. Benjamin Barth, Senior Refrigeration Technician with Helmut Veeh GmbH explains that they have worked together with Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions for 30 years now. Since the Meiser family has already used the refrigeration system by Viessmann in their other establishments, Viessmann was a natural choice for this new project as well.

Outstanding service, outstanding maintenance work, outstanding basic conditions for a good job

Jörg Ellrodt, Executive Chef at Meiser Design Hotel describes Viessmann as a very reliable refrigeration system partner. Thus, Ellrodt emphasizes his extremely positive experiences with service and maintenance work from Viessmann and sees it as a basic requirement in order to do fantastic work.

The cold and freezer rooms are very spacious and the space is optimally organized. Every area can be used in the best way possible and we can even drive inside the cold rooms with equipment to store food in there.

Jörg Ellrodt, Executive Chef at Meiser Design Hotel

Ellrodt is very enthusiastic about the structure and setup of the refrigeration system by Viessmann

Above all, the individual adaptability of the cold and freezer rooms to challenging spatial conditions was the main focus in this project. In order to organize catering for banquets of up to 500 people, such as weddings and bigger corporate events, the larger doors and wide aisles inside the Viessmann cold and freezer rooms ensure optimal use of space. Thus, every area of the cold and freezer rooms can be used in the most economical way. Thanks to the spacious storage, Ellrodt can even access the cold rooms with larger equipment and transport trolleys to transport goods easily in and out of their cold storage.

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