New Food Market Herkku is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly store

Food Market Herkku Greens

Food Market Herkku is a food oasis right in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. The selection is wide and covers products that are less often seen in Finland. Food Market Herkku appreciates good food, clean raw materials and high quality customer service.

- It is really easy to praise Food Market Herkku. We are distinguished by the superior position in the center of Helsinki and of course the quality and professionalism are also really high. This setting is quite amazing. Yes, we have Finland's finest grocery store, smiles Food Market Manager Milli Teivaala.

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International Food Retail market research agency IGD has ranked Food Market Herkku as one of the TOP-16 stores to see in the world. So if you happen to be in Helsinki, do make a visit and enjoy this nice store with Viessmann refrigeration solutions.