Customer orientation and energy-efficiency are important values to Olvi


Olvi, a Finnish brewery company, replaced its refrigeration cabinets with new, energy-efficient models. All of Olvi's retail customers, their sales department and maintenance unit have all been happy with the decision. Viessmann's TectoPromo MD2 elevates the visual presentation of beverages to a whole new level and this is already reflected with increased sales.

TectoPromo MD2 multidecks are ideal for many shop format types, giving even small shops the opportunity to display a wide range of products. The multidecks sent to shops by Olvi were branded at Olvi with stencils or coverings appropriate for the brand.

Olvi's customers in the retail trade as well as Olvi's sales and maintenance units have all been happy with the cabinet. According to Juha Tiihonen, Olvi's Foreman of Drink Equipment Service. The cabinet has been praised for its appearance. It also displays products splendidly, which is perfect for the Olvi brand.

"Its effect has already been seen in increased sales," Tiihonen says.

Customer orientation and energy-efficiency are important values to Olvi

Olvi was the first to order the improved TectoPromo MD2 cabinet. Olvi is a brewery company with Finnish roots. According to Tiihonen, Viessmann's lowest life cycle costs and the company's great service and flexible production also supported the procurement of the cabinets.

"The cabinet's appearance, quality and durability affected our purchase decision. The availability of spare parts, warranty service and maintenance as well as Viessmann's good sales work were also factors in our decision," says Tiihonen.

"It means a lot to me that the customer can influence the finishing touches and details of the cabinet."

The previous version of TectoPromo MD2 was known as the Euromax. With the product name change, Viessmann also made significant improvements to the cabinet's technological structure. The refrigerant used was replaced with a natural R290 (propane) refrigerant, and energy-efficient attractive LED lights as well as energy-saving fan motors were included in the standard equipment. The multideck provides solutions for beverage sales as an open-front cabinet or as an energy-efficient cabinet with doors.

For Olvi, energy-efficiency is important and refrigeration cabinets were an investment in retail shops where the retailer or retail chain pays for the electrical energy. "Retail shops are also interested in how much energy is consumed by the cabinets provided by breweries. The decision is also in line with Olvi's values," says Tiihonen.


  • TectoPromo MD2 - a quality cabinet puts the products in the spotlight
  • The large glass end panels display the products from every angle
  • Attractive side and canopy lights improve product visibility and sales
  • Suitable for all shop formats and concepts
  • Suitable for many product groups
  • Available as an open model or with doors
  • More sales with a smaller footprint
  • The TectoPromo MD2 is available as a plug-in model with natural R290 refrigerant