Automated nano-warehousing solution at EuroShop 2023

Nano fulfillment center

Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions presents nano fulfillment center co-developed with Noyes Technologies

The innovative nano fulfillment center enables automation for the smallest logistic areas, ensures food safety for refrigerated products and brings operational efficiency for picking and logistics process of online orders.

  • Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions and Noyes Technologies have co-developed an automated nano-warehousing solution
  • The compact and modular storage solution can be integrated inside existing food retail stores or external locations
  • The nano fulfillment center stores different products in varying temperature zones requirements in a confined space to improve operational logistics effectiveness 

Mainz, Germany, 25th January 2023 – Automation plays an important part of the future of food retail. At EuroShop 2023 Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions, a leading supplier of commercial refrigeration solutions, presents a nano fulfillment center with integrated refrigeration solution. The storage solution is co-developed with Noyes Technologies, provider of the first fully automated and highly flexible warehouse ‘NoyesStorage’ for smallest areas. 

The fully automated, compact, and modular nano fulfillment center allows for easy integration into food retailer’s existing stores, logistics hubs or external locations. The nano-storage enables automation of the smallest warehouse areas whilst increasing transparency in inventory, storage capacity and throughput. 

Our cooperation with Noyes has been agile and innovative. The automation technology expertise by Noyes combined with our refrigeration technology know-how has resulted in a unique warehousing solution where food produce can safely and efficiently be delivered to the consumers. We are excited to present it for the first time at EuroShop and look forward to the discussions with our customers.

Frank Winters, CEO of Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions

About Noyes

Noyes Technologies is a Munich-based company founded in 2021. With the robotized nano-storage ‘NoyesStorage‘ Noyes offers the first solution on the market to automate smallest storage areas from 10sqm. This opens up a wide range of application areas in different sectors, such as postal services, industry, e-commerce and (food) retail.

The Noyes solution optimises logistics processes and reduces costs to the necessary minimum. The goal of Noyes is to simplify complex problems sustainably. This is achieved through the consistent application of first principle thinking and a clear focus on reducing technology to the necessary minimum and additionally paying attention to a high degree of standardisation and modularisation.

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