Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions sponsors the World Refrigeration Day

Viessamann @ World Refrigeration Day

  • Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions drives knowledge for refrigeration to improve food hygiene and reduce food waste
  • Sustainable refrigeration contributes for climate and future generations
  • Viessmann supports in merchandising and preserving temperature sensitive products with comfortable and efficient refrigeration solutions
  • Refrigeration helps us to stay well, safe and productive everyday

For the second year in a row Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions has decided to sponsor the World Refrigeration Day, now with a two year sponsorship. The main idea behind the sponsorship is to be part of a group that is driving knowledge and information about the importance of refrigeration in our everyday lives. What does it actually mean that the cold chain remains unbreakable? What are food safety and food hygiene, and what means reducing food waste? How can we, as a company, or you, as a consumer, influence all this?

Viessmann would like to make a positive impact on society and try to make people think that by reducing food waste everyone really can save natural resources like clean water and energy. By keeping the cold chain unbroken and taking care of hygiene people stay well, avoid food poisoning and other food-borne illnesses as well as reduce food waste. And refrigeration is not only about food products, also many pharmaceuticals like vaccines and many other products need cold storage.

Customized refrigeration solutions to preserve our planet

Viessmann has been experiencing constant growth in the refrigeration business and, under the theme “we care for cold”, the company is focusing on major trends that will impact everyone. Global warming, the retail of the future and saving resources reflect Viessmann´s goal of creating living spaces for generations to come. By responding to these trends with its refrigeration solutions, the company aims to continue its growth with customers and partners.

Refrigeration solutions from Viessmann stand for support in merchandising and preserving temperature sensitive products with comfortable and efficient refrigeration solutions. Products such as refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms help to reduce energy and at the same time reduce food waste. Food safety and hygiene are priorities in Viessmanns professional solutions. Especially food service professionals need to ensure food safety and strict hygiene criteria. Industry-specific turnkey solutions are the answer for a hygienic storage and clean room requirements with expert care.

Frank Winters, CEO of the Refrigeration Solutions business area, says “We all need to take action to preserve our planet for future generations. We want to introduce Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions as experts in this market, and we aim to be the preferred partner for our customers. With our expertise, we aim to help our customers succeed and contribute to the preservation of our planet. By raising the awareness of refrigeration we also hope to attract more young people to work within the refrigeration business”.

A full-solution provider with a versatile growing portfolio throughout Europe

In recent years, Viessmann's refrigeration product and service portfolios have been constantly growing. The full portfolio of refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms manufactured at Viessmann’s factories in Germany and Finland, together with refrigeration systems, is now supported by a wider range of services and is available in most of Europe. Outside Europe, the company is currently active on a “product-only” basis. The growing service network helps to co-create solutions together with partners and ensure reliable daily operations and energy efficiency through the lifecycle.

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