We care for cold - Viessmann at EuroShop 2020


  • Global warming and saving resources call for action from everyone: Viessmann is addressing these topics with green store technologies
  • The shopping experience is built on integrating digital communications into refrigeration solutions, the display of produce in cabinets with door solutions and helping food retailers become farmers
  • Helping retailers to keep food fresh and reducing food waste
  • Viessmann Refrigeration Solution is growing market presence in Europe with new sales offices
  • It is becoming a full-solution provider with services and digital tools supported by new acquisitions in Europe

Düsseldorf, 16 February 2020 – At the EuroShop 2020 exhibition, Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions presented innovations to meet the needs of the food retail industry and future generations. Viessmann has been experiencing constant growth in the refrigeration business and, under the theme “we care for cold”, the company is focusing on major trends that will impact everyone. Global warming, the retail of the future and saving resources were addressed at the exhibition, reflecting Viessmann´s goal of creating living spaces for generations to come. By responding to these trends with its refrigeration solutions, the company aims to continue its growth with food retail customers and partners.

EuroShop 2020 shows the way forward

Frank Winters, CEO of the refrigeration solutions business area, says “We all need to take action to preserve our planet for future generations. We want to introduce Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions as experts in this market, and we aim to be the preferred partner for our customers, because we care for cold and for our customers. With our expertise, we aim to help our customers succeed and contribute to the preservation of our planet”.

In this mission, EuroShop 2020 was a showcase for how Viessmann is continuously developing new products, systems and services. With its green store technologies, Viessmann is helping food retailers to become environmentally friendly by introducing the ESyCool green solution to the market. This acknowledged solution helps to reduce, optimise and even store energy. Since winning the IKU price in Germany, energy savings have been confirmed theoretically, independently and in practice. The solution has now been industrialised, and so meets the market’s ROI targets.

For the shopping experience of the future, the company has developed new lines of multideck cabinets, Tecto MD7 and Tecto SV5, which meet retailers’ sustainability and merchandising needs today and tomorrow. Viessmann is also rethinking farming by introducing the &ever vertical farming solution and enabling food retailers to also be food farmers in the future.

At EuroShop, Viessmann is offering refrigeration solutions that help keep food and produce fresh for longer, thus reducing food waste. The new Tecto SV3 PI semi-vertical cabinet line is an excellent example how food merchandising and temperature performance can be combined in one product with plug-in technology and R290 as a natural refrigerant.

Viessmann sees service as an important investment

As the international team of refrigeration experts constantly grows, Viessmann also aims to increase its service business. The first steps to becoming a complete solution provider have been made by the acquisitions of service companies in Germany and Norway. In addition to its own in-house service capabilities, Viessmann is also building a stronger partner network to provide a full portfolio of refrigeration services.

To complete the full range of commercial refrigeration products, Viessmann introduced a new remote monitoring tool, Tec2Track, at EuroShop. This easily adaptable tool monitors retail operations and provides data that can be used to optimise efficiency and save energy.

A full-solution provider with a versatile growing portfolio

In recent years, Viessmann's refrigeration product and service portfolios have been constantly growing. The full portfolio of refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms manufactured at Viessmann’s factories in Germany and Finland, together with refrigeration systems, is now supported by a wider range of services and is available in most of Europe. Outside Europe, the company is currently active on a “product-only” basis.

Growing business in 2019 with new sales offices

During 2019, Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions expanded its local market presence in many European markets. The company entered new countries with new sales offices and new colleagues on board. New skilled people have joined the company providing even wider sales, project management and customer support locally.