Future-proofing your refrigeration the “natural” way 

Viessmann blog - Future-proofing your refrigeration 

Escalating electricity prices and strict environmental regulations are making the move to natural refrigeration systems more attractive for all industries, including retail. All around the world, retail store owners are opting for natural refrigerants in new stores and converting existing refrigeration systems to more efficient, more sustainable alternatives. 

In the refrigeration sector, the restrictions especially target the commercial sector, where the EU foresees that as of 2022 new equipment will use refrigerants with a GWP below 150 in both small plug-in applications (e.g. bottle coolers, vending machines) and in larger centralized systems in supermarkets (with some exceptions).

Ilana Koegelenberg, shecco Market Development Manager, prepared us an article about natural refrigerants, global trends and figures. Order your complimentary copy below.

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