Our newcomer with the best features: the handleless magnetic door


Restaurant owners are familiar with this scenario: a quick trip to the cold room to fetch ingredients or drinks, then quickly back to the kitchen or the dining room. But wait! Is the door of the cold room really closed?

This question is crucial in spaces where temperature-sensitive goods are stored. Whether it's in a commercial kitchen, a family-run restaurant with limited space in the kitchen and warehouse, or in food retail: solutions that combine ease of use, safe closing mechanisms, and quick, easy cleaning are sought.

Opens almost automatically...

The latest development in the extensive door portfolio for TectoCell Standard Plus cold and freezer rooms, the handleless magnetic door, impresses above all with a component it does not have. The door handle is missing. A handle tube attached to the side (as in the predecessor model) can also not be found. Instead, the new magnetic door has a foamed finger groove.

The advantages of this solution are obvious. Due to the lack of a protruding handle, the door is also suitable for installation in confined spaces, for example in narrow corridors where protruding handles could get in the way. Most importantly though, the door is much easier and more flexible to open: Simply grab the door at the side or top and pull it open. There is no need to turn a handle or do anything else. It's a solution that is ideal wherever space is tight or time is short.

What has already been a standard for refrigerators in private households for a long time was a rarity in the commercial or medical sector until now. Product Manager Fernando dos Santos Moreira and his team developed the new magnetic door in close coordination with users, fitters, and our specialist departments. He explains:

We have approached the current design over several development stages. In the meantime, we had replaced the classic door handle with a handle tube attached to the side. Our new door not only discard externally mounted operating elements - but also showcases a reliable magnetic closing mechanism.

Fernando dos Santos Moreira, Product Manager

Fernando Moreira 

…and closes safely and by its self

The door closes as easily as you open it - all by itself. No pushing is necessary, no handle needs to be turned due to the ingenious magnetic closing system, which is connected to the top part and sides of the door. A second magnetic block then ensures that the door remains closed.

A clear advantage for tight time budgets and fast, routined workflows: While the door closes by itself, you simply return to your work. The question of whether the cold room is properly closed is a thing of the past.

The complete safety of the user was important to us. We have developed a door that is guaranteed to close as soon as the closing movement has started.

Fernando dos Santos Moreira, Product Manager

Handleless Door with text

After all, it's not just about making daily life easier. A door that closes reliably and is guaranteed to stay tightly closed is an indispensable measure for the safety of goods. Temperature stability, which is an absolute must in the food sector, in food services, and in health care applications, can only be ensured with a reliably closed cold or freezer room.

What's the alternative to powerful magnetic technology? Manually operated locking mechanisms, bolts, and locks. The handleless magnetic door is optionally equipped with a lock for locking, including the option for quick, panic-free emergency unlocking.

Focus on hygiene

Viessmann pays particular attention to hygiene in the development of all its products because it is a vital matter for our customers.

Smooth surfaces, removable components, and an antimicrobial powder coating enable hygienic storage conditions and easy cleaning processes. By getting rid of unnecessary accessories in the handleless magnetic door design, hygiene is being improved and made even easier. Dos Santos Moreira explains:

The door is much easier to clean with no handle, instead of a protruding one.

Fernando dos Santos Moreira, Product Manager

There is no doubt about it: the new handleless magnetic door makes storage, working and cleaning easier, more efficient and safer.

The standard revolving door

standard door

Our revolving door with the ergonomic handle and a pressure balance valve for easier door opening. The door frame is wired with a control panel, thermometer, light switch and LED door frame lamp. A reliable magnetic seal reduces thermal bridges.

Glass door

Glass door

Particularly suitable for walk-in cold rooms in garden centers, beverage stores or pharmaceutical companies. The glass surfaces of these doors provide excellent product visibility. Double or triple glazing guarantees low energy consumption.

Special doors

fire protection door

Fire safety doors, rolling doors, sectional doors: for special requirements and individual application scenarios, we develop suitable solutions with flexible design options (e.g. inspection window, stainless steel surface or ram protection).


hatch door

Hatches are particularly suitable for use in bakeries (for storing dough) or also used in the field of pathology applications.

Sliding door

sliding door

Simplifies access to the cold room in confined spaces, as no space is needed in front of the cell to open it. Available in both single and double-leaf versions, with impression handle and sliding rail on the top and bottom of the door.

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