Remember when we could go to festivals?

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Remember when we could go to festivals?

In the days before Covid our Summers were filled with Festivals and Events where large gatherings of people could get together to listen to music or watch sports. These days will be back again and it will be extra special!

All of these gatherings provide many food outlets to feed the masses, all of which require temporary refrigeration. Our partners always specify Viessmann panels for their rental rooms because of the high quality of manufacture and durability.

Quality refrigeration for your next big event

We understand that effective and reliable refrigeration underpins the efficient performance of any hospitality environment where large volumes of foodstuffs and beverages need to be kept at a constant chilled temperature. This could be catering events, beer festivals, music festivals and other large scale temporary events.

The unique features of the Viessmann panels overlapped joints, no requirement to use silicone, anti-microbial paint finish and the overall durability mean that you can maximise your rental income :

  • Faster to build/dismantle
  • Panels have built in reusable seals – no silicone required
  • Sturdy, durable construction with overlapped wall joints and cam locks all round
  • Anti-Microbial coating makes cleaning easier and recycling the panels for the next hire quicker

Using our highest quality, durable modular panels and high specification cooling units, our cold rooms can be extended from a nominal standard width to any length by adding floor, ceiling and wall modules accordingly.

TectoCell Standard Plus cold and freezer rooms

A cold room offering with full flexibility in configuration and design. For hygienic and safe storage conditions.

Key benefits

  • High energy efficiency with an outstanding insulation system
  • Antimicrobial powder coating to prevent hygiene risks
  • Joint-free overlapping of the walls prevents formation of dirt and water and eases cleaning
  • Available in various wall thicknesses for different temperature levels and in accordance with your needs
  • Hygienic corner radius
  • Improved hygiene and safety with Viessmann stainless steel, non-slip and continuously underlapped floor
  • Comprehensive cold room range in 300 mm increments
  • Shelving systems available in plastic or stainless steel

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Viessmann TectoRefrigo Refrigeration Units

  • Reliable solution for every situation
  • Easy maintenance and quick installation
  • High energy efficiency - saves money
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants and constant temperature levels

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Are you looking for a rental cold room solution for your next big event? Let us know your contact details and we are happy to support you with our specialist partner!