Guetli Shop from Stans in Switzerland counts on Viessmann refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms

„I would very happily recommend Viessmann“

Even though Guetli Shop might seem like an ordinary gas station from the outside, it is filled with the freshest possible products ranging from local produce to sushi. Since opening the gas station, the owners have used Viessmann refrigeration solutions – and would happily recommend them to others as well.

Located in the canton of Nidwalden, at the heart of Switzerland one can find the Guetli Shop in Stans. For the past 25 years, it has been run by Patrick Gut. He is passionate about improving the business and using the best possible solutions in doing so.

“We have our own kitchen and salad kitchen. Additionally, we are working on expanding our business in the area of catering”, Gut explains.

Thanks to the owners’ ability to constantly innovate, Guetli Shop has succeeded in further developing in the demanding market environment.


Maximal use of refrigeration space with Viessmann

Due to the limited space the gas station has, the owner needs to use every square meter as efficiently as possible to keep the products fresh. In the early planning stages of renewing his gas station, Gut attended the EuroShop trade fair back in 2020 to be able to compare different options in refrigerated cabinets in real life.

Renewing refrigeration technology is a big investment, and one has to find the perfect products from the right company to fit their needs. Once Gut saw what Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions had to offer, he was sold.

Guetli Shop is nowadays using the cabinets Tecto MD4 Leho and Tecto VF1 Luxo. They are equipped to hold a large quantity of products, while also being easy to maintain clean. For storing big amounts of frozen produce and storing them under best hygienic conditions, Peter Gut chose a TectoCell Standard Plus 150 freezer room.

During the actual renovation phase of the shop, Gut ran into an issue: The front door was too low to fit the relatively tall refrigeration cabinets in. Fortunately, Viessmann’s products are highly adaptable.

“Luckily, Viessmann offers models with removable tops. They could fit through the doors, but could then be adjusted to go all the way up to the ceiling once they were installed”, he continues.

We were impressed by the layout and size of the refrigerated cabinets Viessmann presented. A very crucial point for us was also that we can fit a large number of products in them

Patrick Gut, owner of Guetli Shop Switzerland


Viessmann is a trusted partner

As Guetli Shop has been one of the first projects in Switzerland for Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions, Gut had to trust his contact at Viessmann when making the purchasing decision.

„Before choosing Viessmann, I would have wanted to talk with someone who already used Viessmann refrigeration solutions. There wasn’t anyone using them in Switzerland at that time, so Viessmann needed to do a lot of convincing on their part,” Gut states.

Patrick Gut wants to have reliable partners to work with. That is why they have cooperated with Viessmann since the very start of their business.

„Viessmann is a company we have known for a long time already. We have been using their know-how and expertise in refrigerated cabinets and cold room solutions since the shop opened”, he continues.

During the past 25 years of cooperation, Gut has not faced any issue with either the quality or the service of the products that would not have been fixed right away.

„If anything has come up, we can just sit down and talk it through face-to-face. Viessmann is always eager to improve its products. I would very happily recommend Viessmann to others: they have great products and they provide good service”, Gut concludes.