Olvi uses Viessmann's solutions for beverages

An impressive cabinet increases beverage sales 

Olvi, a Finnish brewery company, replaced its refrigeration cabinets with new, energy-efficient models. Viessmann’s TectoPromo MD2 elevates the visual presentation of beverages to a whole new level and this is already reflected with increased sales. Olvi’s customers in the retail trade as well as Olvi’s sales and maintenance units have all been happy with the cabinet according to Juha Tiihonen, Olvi’s Foreman of Drink Equipment Service. The cabinet has been praised for its appearance. It also displays products splendidly, which is perfect for the Olvi brand.

The cabinet’s appearance, quality and durability effected our purchase decision. The availability of spare parts, warranty service and maintenance as well as Viessmann’s good sales work were also factors in our decision.

Juha Tiihonen, Foreman of Drink Equipment Service at Olvi