Schiller Werksverkauf Hof, Germany

Freshness is the number one priority for E. Schiller Fleisch GmbH.

The family business produces and processes high-quality meat specialties of local Bavarian pigs.

Hannes Leucht is supporting his parents, who started the business in 1989, as management assistant. With more than 240 employees, E. Schiller Fleisch GmbH guarantees the highest level of quality and hygiene when processing meat products with the help of the most modern technologies.

All products are being delivered and processed “Just in Time” without storing or intermediate transports to ensure maximum freshness.

The factory outlet was established through the excessive meat cuts from the food retail trade

Today’s assortment of the food industry mainly includes standardized meat products, for which some sections of individual meat products are not used. That’s why E. Schiller Fleisch GmbH opened a factory outlet, which initially only consisted of a little window in the production hall.

The new factory outlet was significantly upgraded with refrigerated cabinets and freezers from Viessmann

The initial little window has now been turned into a dedicated front store! For renovating the new premises, E. Schiller Fleisch GmbH relied on Viessmann Kühlsysteme GmbH as their well-known high-quality partner. The new commercial refrigeration equipment from Viessmann ensures, among other benefits, energy savings of approx. 25% and creates a significantly higher usage of space, which means that there’s room for a greater variety of products in the refrigerated cabinets. Around 19 meters of  Tecto MD5 multideck cabinets have been installed to the side walls as well as four Tecto FI2 PI freezer islands on the middle isle for storing frozen seafood and meat products.

As you can see, there are also visual highlights: our factory outlet has definitely been upgraded. This was also an important aspect for our purchase decision.

Hannes Leucht, Management Assistant at E. Schiller Fleisch GmbH

Schiller Werksverkauf

Locality - one important factor

Thanks to the recommendation of the refrigeration installation company Behrschmidt Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH that is located nearby Hof, Leucht developed a fundamental trust in Viessmann Kühlsysteme GmbH even before the whole cooperation began. 

All phases within this project, from consultation and design throughout sales and installation, worked out very well. Viessmann is our local partner for peer-to-peer cooperation

Hannes Leucht, Management Assistant at E. Schiller Fleisch GmbH

He was extremely satisfied with the mutual project planning and cooperation and is looking forward to future cooperation with Viessmann.