Edeka Görse combines tradition and innovation

New successfully completed project at the Edeka Görse & Meichsner market in Berlin

The new Edeka Görse & Meichsner at Eichborndamm in Berlin-Reinickendorf sets new standards in several aspects and connects two worlds: sturgeon caviar from Siberia or truffles from France and Italy as well as sushi can be found in the delicatessen department. Apart from that, mainly food from regional origin dominate the new, 2,000 m² sized Edeka market.

Tradition and innovation meet each other in a special way at Eichborndamm. As the first Edeka market in Germany at all, the new building in Reinickendorf is using innovative Viessmann refrigerated cabinets with Smart Access doors in its dairy products department. These can be opened without any contact and are an absolute hit with the customers.

‚I'm glad that we chose the Smart Access doors, the investment was certainly worth it', explains Peter Görse. Because the Smart Access doors do not require any frames, the presentation of goods is significantly better than with refrigerated cabinets with conventional doors. "This added value was important to us, that is why we also accepted the higher investment costs," says Görse. Not only the virtually invisible doors, but also the TectoDeck LEHO 2 refrigerated cabinets by Viessmann themselves are an eye-catcher.

In total, Peter and Sören Görse as well as Ingo Meichsner use Viessmann refrigeration and freezer cabinets in their Edeka market at Eichborndamm on more than 56 meters. Besides the TectoDeck Leho 2 multideck, two classic TectoDeck MD1 Spirit Plus multidecks are used for convenience products and chilled drinks. The refrigerated and freezer cabinet TectoFreeze VF1 Luxo by Viessmann in Reinickendorf fulfills a double role.

Due to the good experiences and above all because of the excellent response from the customers, Edeka Görse & Meichsner also wants to stick to the innovative concepts of Viessmann in the future.

We have really set a benchmark with our new market and of course this is now the benchmark for future projects.

Peter Görse

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