Edeka Koch market, Germany

Edeka Koch markets focus on a holistic refrigeration concept to fulfill their refrigeration needs

Klaus Koch works as the executive director of KOCH markets in Zollernalbkreis which is a part of the EDEKA Southwest region in Germany.

When the store in Bisingen was renovated, he chose Viessmann to deliver them the whole refrigeration solution including the refrigeration units. The entire store was renovated in a record time of just six weeks. The renovation included changing the 20-year-old refrigeration units and their controlling system to a modern and integrative system from Viessmann that Koch can now independently control. During the whole renovation process, a regional Viessmann contact person was on-site to provide advice to Koch whenever needed.

Koch wants to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint with the refrigeration system

After the renovation, the whole market is equipped with the most modern freezers, refrigerated cabinets and multidecks “that are up to the 2020 standards”, Koch underlines.

It was important to Koch that the refrigeration system they choose is equipped with closed doors, so that the room temperatures can be controlled in the most optimal way. Having the control over room temperatures leads both to increased productivity in the market as well as to an improvement in the customer frequency and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, due to the good use of space and cold compression, a sushi shop could be set up on the shop floor as well.

Effortless integration of third-party products

The decisive factor for Koch was the system integration of all third-party products, which was offered and implemented by Viessmann.

– For the first time ever, we have our refrigeration system fully under our control, Koch describes.

– We are constantly informed about, for example, the cold temperatures and the refrigeration process. We can control every device and have had no refrigeration problems since the renovation, because everything is under control, he explains excitedly.

Koch receives regular status updates with all the necessary information on one chart. He can easily access the chart also with his smartphone.

A holistic concept

Koch is particularly enthusiastic about the regional solution and support Viessmann offers. This includes not only the technical systems and integrations of third-party products, but above all the first-class customer support. He particularly appreciates having a local contact person from Viessmann, who takes care of all questions, wishes and problems he might have regarding the refrigeration solution or the technology itself.

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