Edeka Schwebel, Germany

Edeka Schwebel - a climate-neutral success project in the middle of Frankenberg

The EDEKA market Schwebel (formerly Lebensmittelhaus Schwebel) in the center of Frankenberg was established in the early 1950s. Three generations of the family have been offering and selling food, beverages, and other products for daily life here. The Schwebel family has always attached particular importance to ensuring that all customers feel completely at ease while shopping there.

Due to the aging refrigeration technology, the Schwebel family decided to carry out another climate-friendly conversion and modernization of the store in early 2021. A new bistro, "Karl's," in the front of the store invites customers to enjoy a leisurely snack, while a "zero waste" corner with unpackaged products as well as an aisle for vegetarian and vegan products offers added value to nutritionally and environmentally conscious customers. In addition, Tecto refrigerated and freezer cabinets offer more space and help to put products into the spotlight more easily.

Further development and innovation go hand in hand: climate-friendly refrigeration technology from Viessmann


Initially, the renovation plan only included the replacement of old refrigeration solutions, but during the cooperation with the Viessmann project team, the layout of the store was also adapted and improved in order to use space more efficiently.

During the conversion phase of 12 weeks, over 80 meters of Viessmann refrigeration and freezer cabinets were installed. These not only ensure long-lasting product freshness but also significant energy savings. For the refrigeration technology, the Schwebel family opted for a modern refrigeration system running with the climate-friendly refrigerant CO2.

A quick and smooth renovation for a whole new shopping experience

Thanks to the good cooperation of the Schwebel family and the Viessmann project team, a completely new shopping experience was created within a few weeks.

"The complete renewal went quickly and smoothly. Tecto refrigerated cabinets are easy to install, operate and monitor, and they also impress with their contemporary design, more effective use of space, and better product visibility. This makes our work and our customers' shopping easier," says Jannik Schwebel, owner of the Schwebel grocery store.

Through the conversion and use of modern Viessmann refrigeration solutions operated with climate-friendly refrigerants, an estimated 976,960.5 kg of CO2 can be saved over the next 12 years, which corresponds to the average operating time of refrigeration solutions. This amount of CO2 is comparable to the annual emissions of around 310 mid-range passenger cars.

From the initial consultation to the joint strategic and design planning as well as the technical implementation and commissioning, we have always felt well taken care of. You can tell the Viessmann experts have many years of experience and a passion for innovative project solutions.

Jannik Schwebel, Owner EDEKA Schwebel 

Jannik Schwebel

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