Sustainable and fossil free energy solution ESyCool green at Penny in Kolín

The Penny market is located in the city of Kolín in Czech Republic, around 70km in the east of its beautiful capital city Prague. The store is completely new and just opened at the beginning of March 2022.

Penny always puts a high focus on the customer: besides a wide range of products and affordable prices, they want to create an environment for the customer which is as efficient and sustainable as possible.

Refrigeration technology as the main consumer of energy in a supermarket

For Penny as for many other food retailers refrigeration technology consumes most electricity in a Food Retail store. When looking for a green technology with reduced energy consumption and CO2 footprint, it all began at EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf where Penny visited the Viessmann exhibition stand and was introduced to the sustainable energy solution ESyCool green.

Penny Kolín - ESyCool green - EC pro modules 2

Turnkey Solution ESyCool green

ESyCool green offers the perfect fit to Penny’s requirements here. The system takes over the complete supply of the refrigeration technology, such as refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms, as well as the fossil free heating and air conditioning of the building. It consumes less energy, making the market operating more energy efficient.

The refrigerant inside the heat pump modules of the secondary system is environmentally friendly and future-proof R290 (propane). The waste heat of the refrigeration process is used to generate space heating for the building. If the waste heat is no longer sufficient the heat pump functionality is able to extract additional heat of the ambient air outside the store. This eliminates the need for a separate boiler system based on fossil fuels like gas or oil.

Penny Kolín - ESyCool green - Tecto MD7 with meat

Part of the refrigeration equipment in this newly built Penny market are Tecto MD7 refrigerated glass door multidecks for meat and dairy products as well as cold and freezer rooms in the back of the market to store groceries and bakery products.

Monitored and proven energy savings compared to former systems

The energy monitoring system shows already in the first few months the expected energy benefit compared to former traditional technologies.

I can recommend Viessmann to anyone who would like to create something new and really move forward in the use of refrigeration technology.

Václav Šíma, Head of construction department Penny Czech Republic

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