Foodora Market, Finland

Cold rooms improve the cold chain and speed up logistics operations

Foodora Market is Foodora’s online grocery store delivering orders to the customer’s doorstep. Foodora Market now has ten locations in Finland and aims to deliver products within 30 minutes of ordering.

– We are committed to delivering fresh high-quality products, which is closely linked to our speed of operations, says Saija Karlsson, operations manager for Foodora Market in the Finnish capital region.


Speed is integral

To optimize the speed of operations, Foodora Markets are fitted with cold rooms instead of the usual cold cabinets. Roll containers can be wheeled into the cold room for unloading and stocking goods, making logistics operations more efficient and improving the cold chain. The cold room door only needs to be opened once, and the products’ exposure to room temperature is minimized.

– When a customer places an order on the app, it is registered by our scanner. Order pickers then enter the cold rooms to pick the items without having to open the door multiple times, Karlsson explains.

We chose Viessmann TectoCell cold rooms because  they were easily customizable to our requirements.  They also make it easier for us to stock and pick items  while maintaining an uninterrupted cold chain.

Saija Karlsson, Operations manager Foodora market Finland


Successful cooperation

Karlsson says the cooperation with Viessmann has worked well. The cold rooms are customized upon purchase, and they have been installed without any issues.

– It was important for us that they deliver and install the cold rooms within the time frame that we requested. Their technicians have always appeared on schedule, Karlsson says in conclusion.

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