ICA Kvantum Trossen

Into the future with Viessmann

At the heart of the beautiful Swedish city of Trosa lies the newly opened ICA Kvantum Trossen grocery store. It opened as late as November 2019 but has already turned out to be a gem both aesthetically and technically. With innovative environmental and technology solutions all around, and especially in the refrigeration system provided by Viessmann, ICA Kvantum Trossen has become an extremely valued grocery store in record time.

Jens Cederholm, the Store Manager, has over two decades’ worth of experience working in the food industry. He knows what an ICA store needs to delight and inspire customers.

Over one hundred visits to find the right equipment

When it came time to acquire the new refrigerated cabinets and freezers, Jens did his research thoroughly.

- We went on over one hundred trips in search of inspiration. Then we got to see the new Viessmann refrigerated cabinets and were blown away, Jens reveals.

The future of refrigeration

The entire refrigerating system is state-of-the-art and takes advantage of both the cold and heat by preserving them in the ground utilizing geotechnics. The cold and heat are recycled over and over again between the refrigeration equipment and ground. ICA Kvantum Trossen is one of the first stores in Sweden to introduce this innovative technology.

– The environment has always been very important to us. Partly because it is good for the planet and partly because taking care of the environment will also bring monetarily saves. All stores in Sweden and Europe have to change the refrigerants to CO2 eventually, so this has been a perfect pilot for us, Jens explains.

Hoping to increase sales by 20%

The store has between 15 000 to 20 000 customers a week and the revenue is around 19 million euros a year. With the new refrigeration system and all the efficiency improvements it yields, ICA hopes to increase sales by around 20%.

Jens has been convinced about the equipment’s energy-saving capabilities, the fact that they always work and on Viessmann’s reliability as a supplier.

– I think Viessman has come a long way in product development. I think these might be the best refrigerated cabinets in the market. Perhaps the most important thing for us is the profitability however.

Jens Cederholm, ICA Kvantum Trossen

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