METRO relies on efficient refrigeration solutions from Viessmann

ZERO 1: In Europe's first plus energy wholesale market, METRO relies on efficient refrigeration solutions from Viessmann.

Zero emission, but one hundred percent shopping experience can be found in the Lower Austrian town of St. Pölten in the new, ultra-modern METRO wholesale store "ZERO 1" - Europe's first zero-energy facility of it's kind.

This is possible thanks to a sophisticated energy concept. In order to combine sustainability and a comfortable atmosphere, METRO is striking new paths in St. Pölten. In refrigeration solutions, METRO relies on Viessmann, which supplied and installed the entire refrigeration equipment. 

Our new market in St. Pölten is a real flagship project - not just for us at METRO, but across Europe. The objective was clear from the beginning: zero emission. We have fully achieved this.

Markus Baier, Senior Department Manager for Store Development & Maintenance at METRO Cash & Carry Austria GmbH

Completely refrigerated sales rooms, typical of the previous shop fitting concept of METRO Cash & Carry, have been omitted. Instead, efficient refrigerated cabinets ensure optimally chilled food.

A total of 102 Viessmann products ensure perfect cooling in St. Pölten, score with their energy efficiency and, thanks to their stylish design, also set visual accents for the customer experience and atmosphere in the market.

A total of 62 Viessmann cabinets are installed in the cooling area of the zero-energy building. 50 refrigerated TectoDeck MD2 GD e-Novus multidecks ensure optimum energy savings thanks to double-glazed doors. In addition, eight TectoDeck SV1 Inspi refrigerated cabinets offer efficient cooling and first-class product visibility. Four TectoDeck LEHO 2 RI container multidecks further underline the concept of sustainability and the shopping experience.

The freezer area of the METRO market is equipped with Viessmann TectoFreeze cabinets. Four TectoFreeze VF1 Luxo freezers provide customers with excellent product visibility - thanks to large, fully glazed doors. Besides, 34 TectoFreeze IS1 Maxim freezer islands are in use, twelve of them as a switchable plus-minus solution. Thanks to the wide range of models, TectoFreeze IS1 Maxim fits into a wide variety of market concepts. Thus, two other models with plus cooling, provide optimally cooled products also in the meat department.

Sustainable choices: All Viessmann refrigeration equipment use only the natural refrigerant R744 (CO2). In addition, the waste heat of the refrigeration system is directed into the ground plate, which contributes to heating the store. The waste heat is also used for the generation of hot water.

All mentioned refrigeration cabinets were produced in the Viessmann locations of Hof (Germany) and Porvoo (Finland) according to customer requirements.

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