Rewe Dornseifer - A family business with love for the region and sustainability trusts Viessmann refrigeration solutions

Just like Viessmann, Dornseifer is a family business with over 50 years of history and long-standing traditions. From two small corner shops, the company has now grown to 17 fresh food markets and more than 1000 employees today. The Dornseifer family business also operates its own production of meat and sausage products.

The orientation in the market as well as the regionality and freshness of the goods are particularly important to the Dornseifer family. The choice of refrigerated cabinets for presenting the food in the store also is a very special factor. Customers should be able to find their way around quickly and easily, because the customer is always the focus.

Modern design, ease of operation and enormous energy efficiency

This is precisely where Viessmann meets the requirements of the Dornseifer family in the store remodelling at the end of 2021: with perfectly fitting refrigerated and freezer cabinets for perfect visibility and guaranteed freshness of the goods.

Already my first impression showed that I was immediately convinced by the product design. As a food retail store owner, we would rather deal with other things like technology. That's why we attach the utmost importance to downstream customer service, as well as the Viessmann service technicians who support us on site.

Jörg Dornseifer, owner of Dornseifer fresh food markets

Rewe Dornseifer reference - Mr Dornseifer
Rewe Dornseifer reference - Flower cold room
Rewe Dornseifer reference - Tecto MD3

In addition to a large number of refrigerated cabinets that customers use during their daily shopping at Rewe Dornseifer, there is also a TectoCell cold room in the back of the fresh food market. Here, the optimal freshness and temperature storage of flowers and plants offered in the market is ensured.

The following refrigerated and freezer cabinets present fresh and well-chilled food to customers at the Rewe Dornseifer in Siegen every day:

  • Tecto MD5 refrigerated multideck with glass doors for improved energy efficiency
  • Tecto MD5 open multideck convenience products
  • Tecto MD3 - two-sided refrigerated multideck
  • Tecto SV5 - semi-vertical multideck for refrigeration of cheese specialties or vegetables in the store
  • Tecto VF1 Luxo - freezer cabinet e.g. for frozen rolls and cakes
  • Tecto IS1 - freezer island ergonomically accessible from all sides for frozen goods such as pizza, frozen vegetables, etc.
  • TectoCell Standard Plus cold room for cooling of flowers in the back of the store
  • Tecto SL2 serve-over for fish, meat, sausage and cheese
  • Semi vertical ultra-fresh cabinets for fruits and vegetables

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