Humbser und Freunde - Keeping locally brewed beverages refreshingly cool

In the "Humbser und Freunde” brewery restaurant in Fürth, Bavaria, Viessmann cold rooms are setting the right temperature

Their philosophy is clear and simple: In their brewery restaurant in the southern district of the Bavarian town of Fürth, Fabian Faßmann and Ralph Weiß want to revive the local brewing tradition of the Franconian region to its former glor. The old Humbser brewhouse, which has been renovated into a modern restaurant, is one of the world’s only remaining Art Nouveau style breweries.

Also the restaurant’s menu reflects the affection the two men have for the region of Franconia. Traditional regional specialities and ten different kinds of bottled beer and a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are part of the menu.

Beverage cold room delivers fresh beer directly to the restaurant area

Two cold room complexes from Viessmann ensure the optimum refrigeration of food and beverages. The kitchen staff team primarily uses the built-in deep freezer room for storing ice cream and chips.

The beer at “Humbser und Freunde” is stored centrally one floor below in the cellar in a TectoCell Standard Plus 80 cold room from Viessmann. The cold room is used for storing all the restaurant’s barrels and crates of beverages. The various draught beers are connected directly to the taps in the restaurant along lines. All perfectly cooled to 5.3 degrees Celsius, the perfect temperature for beer.

The refrigeration of food and beer works outstandingly well in practice. This is exactly how we imagined it to be.

Fabian Faßmann from Humbser und Freunde

Reliable project planning and execution

For the commissioned kitchen planners “Aichinger Profiküchen” from Wendelstein (Franconia), it was clear from the offset that the new Humbser und Freunde brewery restaurant had to be fitted with cold room and deep freezer rooms from Viessmann. “We exclusively use Viessmann cold rooms in all of our projects because you’re sure not to encounter any problems”, explains Wolfgang Kästner, area and project manager at Aichinger. “Everything fitted perfectly again which just shows that we have found the right partner in Viessmann.”

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