Nursing Home Kirschallee, Deutschlandsberg 

The Kirschallee nursing home relies on Viessmann quality for its refrigeration system

The Kirschallee nursing home is located in the Austrian town Deutschlandsberg. Equipped with 135 beds, managing director Jürgen Brunner and his team of 120 employees take care of elderly people around the clock.

The family-run business, which offers assisted living, relies on high-quality and regional, freshly cooked food for its residents. The storage of ingredients and the cooling down of fresh semi-finished meals requires high hygienic standards for refrigeration. Together with the refrigeration company Polarbär GmbH, Viessmann presented a cold room concept which fulfils all requirements.

Viessmann impresses with energy-efficient and user-friendly refrigeration solutions

After the complex installation was completed with the help of a crane, Jürgen Brunner, Managing Director of Kirschallee GmbH, was delighted with the new cold and freezer rooms. TectoCell Standard Plus 80 and TectoCell Standard Plus 100 cold rooms were installed for the storage of refrigerated and frozen goods. The cold and freezer rooms are characterized by their high energy efficiency and low operating costs.

For us it was the logical and best choice to purchase our cold rooms from Viessmann as they have a lot of advantages. The biggest one being the execution of the wall elements. In comparison to competitive products, they are a lot easier to clean and work a lot better in terms of insulation and stability. 

Jürgen Brunner, Managing Director Kirschallee GmbH


Great results through a seamless cooperation of all parties

Despite the initial challenge of having to lift the cold rooms over the building using a crane, the project was completed on schedule. Bernhard Zarfl, Managing Director of Polarbär GmbH, is more than satisfied with the cooperation with Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions: "The cooperation between us, the customer and the Viessmann was seamless. For a number of years we have only had positive experiences with Viessmann. Especially the quality and the operating costs for the customers are incredible. We can wholeheartedly recommend the Viessmann product to every privateand commercial customer. "

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