GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH opts for TectoCell cold rooms 

Added hygiene and efficiency

There should be no compromises in supplying medicinal products quickly and safely. That is exactly the standard GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH applies when it delivers to more than 6,500 pharmacies across Germany from a total of 18 branches up to four times a day. GEHE constantly invests in new services and, naturally, process safety at its individual locations to ensure there is no gap between its standard and reality. The company recently made such an investment in Nuremberg, where the entire warehouse logistics system was remodelled and provided with state-of-the-art technology. To ensure pharmaceutical products can be kept in perfectly refrigerated storage, GEHE invested in two new Viessmann cold room complexes based on TectoCell Standard Plus cold rooms.

The two cold room complexes are integrated into the workflow layout in such a way that GEHE's picking team can pack the different medicinal product packages into consignment boxes effortlessly.

Highly ergonomic for our employees, this concept has already proven its worth at our Landshut site near Munich and that's why we've now chosen it to invest in replacements in Nuremberg.

Thomas Merkle, Logistics Project Manager at GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH

GEHE's refrigeration technology specialist, Schwerte-based Schrezenmaier Kältetechnik GmbH, does not make any compromises with its orders. That's why it opted for Viessmann as project partner to meet the special structural requirements for the overhanging cold rooms. "We'd already successfully implemented the Landshut project in cooperation with Viessmann and that's why we were sure that it'd work in Nuremberg too," states the project manager responsible, qualified engineer Dominik Schrezenmaier.

The cold rooms were fully assembled at Viessmann, so that the Schrezenmaier Kältetechnik team could simply integrate the pre-assembled cold rooms into the refrigeration circuit.

Added hygiene

The high-end TectoCell Standard Plus cold rooms by Viessmann are ideally suited for use in the pharmaceuticals sector as they are heavily thermally insulated and, consequently, highly energy efficient. The SmartProtec antimicrobial powder coating prevents hygiene risks as does the seamless underlapping stainless steel floor. An extremely heavy-duty variant was chosen for the GEHE cold rooms in Nuremberg. Able to withstand a load up to 4,000 Newton, they also feature anti-slip properties up to class R11.

The concept goes even further. Thanks to the two new Viessmann cold rooms measuring 11 x 4.6 metres, GEHE managed to expand its capacity for refrigerated pharmaceuticals dramatically.

For us, such specific requests are obviously always a special challenge, but that's precisely what makes the difference. The fact that we can implement special solutions tailored to specific needs signals that we are one of the leading international providers of refrigeration systems. That's what we represent with our project expertise at Viessmann.

Norbert Monger, the regional sales manager Viessmann Kühlsysteme GmbH

We benefited from the fact that the new systems could be installed in parallel to the existing rooms, meaning the old infrastructure could still be used during installation.

Dominik Schrezenmaier

About GEHE:

The pharmaceuticals wholesale company GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH is a subsidiary of McKesson Europe. GEHE supplies pharmacies across Germany with medicinal products from its eighteen branches on a daily basis, helping to ensure a reliable supply of medicinal products in the country. The Stuttgart-based pharmaceuticals wholesaler assists its customers with pharmacy management and marketing via the gesund leben pharmacy cooperative, which is Germany's largest pharmacy cooperative with 2,100 members and around 60 industrial partners.

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