Mikkeli Hospital, Finland

Adaptable modular cleanroom design solution serves the OR for its entire life cycle

Viessmann delivered the central hospital of Mikkeli altogether ten modular cleanroom systems. Thanks to the modular design solution, the OR technology can be customized during the entire life cycle of the OR. The Viessmann products have even managed to exceed the existing quality standards.

Lujatalo Oy was the main contractor in the project. The project included the alterations of the first floor and all the constructions done in the two added floors as well as in the ventilation engine room. In addition, a new four-story extension was built to the U-building.

– Lujatalo is company that focuses on building apartments and business premises. We specialize in renovations and energy-efficient building, says the production engineer Matti Myllymäki.

High-quality products even exceeded requirements

Viessmann delivered the ORs altogether ten modular cleanroom systems. The systems include the system walls, integrated functional furniture, windows, doors and the ceiling system, to name a few.

– We’re talking about a modular system, to which one can add or remove technology throughout the whole life cycle of the OR, Myllymäki says.

– The Viessmann products have been of high-quality and sometimes even managed to exceed the existing quality standards, Myllymäki praises.

Interaction worked well throughout the project

Myllymäki thinks that the project with Viessmann has been a flexible and pleasant one to do. The interaction between all the parties involved in the project stayed active. Furthermore, the deliveries were fast.

– I’ve been really satisfied both with working with Viessmann and with the end result. I’d definitely recommend Viessmann for similar projects. The interaction with them has been easy and the products are of high-quality, Myllymäki summarizes.

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