Garden centre 1a Garten Schmidt, Germany

Flowers bring color to your world - and this at its best with a Viessmann cold room

In the lovingly designed 1a Garten Schmidt garden centre, a Viessmann cold room has been providing perfect refrigeration for flowers and plants in the background of the market for 18 years now. One the one hand they can be kept fresh for a longer time at an optimum temperature and on the other hand the customer can also enjoy the splendour of the flowers for longer.

Just recently, customers have also had the opportunity to select their own bouquets for take away directly from the Viessmann flower cold room with attractive glass door design. The owners and operators of the garden centre, Christian Schmidt and Ute Popp, also benefit from this: "Open refrigeration thus offers the possibility of presenting the goods to customers directly and openly and at the same time preventing the flowers from wilting too quickly due to optimum refrigeration. 

On days like Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, it is also practical fort he ease of working to have such a cold room. We are really proud of it. 

Ute Popp, Master Florist

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