Tecto SV3 PI

The Tecto SV3 PI cabinet is excellent in combining temperature performance and energy efficiency. The use of natural refrigerant R290 helps in the fight against global warming and meets the F-gas regulation requirements. With the energy-saving fans and special Viessmann LED lighting the Tecto SV3 PI is a resource-saving and ecologically sustainable cabinet. A special energy efficient condensing unit with a brine heat exchanger and defrost water evaporation without electrical heaters is an additional feature which makes this cabinet truly eco-friendly.

Key benefits

  • Higher productivity per unit of floor space
  • Ergonomically optimised design
  • Reliable temperature performance
  • Uses natural refrigerant

Tecto SV3

Front height (mm)


External length (mm)

2100, 2500

External height (mm)


External depth (mm)


Temperature range °C

-1°C to +2 °C


R290 (propane) in combination with brine

Tecto SV3 PI Cube

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