Study about retail and foodservice fusion

Retail - Foodservice fusion

Why food-to-go and foodservice?

Globally the shift towards retail/ foodservice fusion is accelerating. More retailers are considering how they can take advantage of growth opportunities outside of food retail. And while many non-food markets pose their own challenges right now, food-on-the-move is in growth in many markets.

For traditional supermarkets, these could be seen as difficult times, faced with increased competition from, among others, the twin threats of discount and online. And undoubtedly many operators are struggling to adapt to this changing landscape, finding margins squeezed and their operational models challenged. But there are a growing number who are successfully adapting to this new environment, changing their focus and reenergising their propositions. A common thread among each of these is a stronger focus on meeting a wider range of food missions.

We have together with IGD* prepared a report where we look at why and how this is changing the face of food retailing, who is delivering the best solutions in market right now and what might lie ahead.

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* IGD is a research and training charity that sits at the heart of the food and grocery industry. IGD has over 100 years’ experience working with the leading manufacturers and retailers in grocery retail, operating from offices in Asia, Europe and North America. Learn more about IGD here.